Top 3 Free Fire Character Combinations For Skyler After OB27 update

Top 3 Free Fire Character – In Free Fire, players can combine the abilities of multiple characters to form a combination. Any such combo can possess only one active and three passive skills. To combine characters, players must purchase skill slots.

As part of one of the recent collaborations with Vietnamese music artist Son Tung M-TP, Garena introduced the Skyler character, who has an active ability.

This article provides users with a list of the best character combinations with Skyler in Free Fire.

Note: Character combinations in Free Fire are entirely subjective and therefore are influenced by players’ preference. The combos listed in this article are based on the writer’s opinion, and what may seem to be best for one may not be the same for others.

Skyler character in Free Fire

Skyler in Free Fire

Ability: Riptide Rhythm

Once the ability is activated, it creates a sonic wave that damages five gloo walls within a 50m range. Simultaneously, it increases HP recovery, starting from 4 points, at a cooldown of 60 seconds.

At the highest level, the range increases to 100m, while HP recovery starts from nine points. The cooldown is reduced significantly to 40 seconds.

This versatile ability enables players to make aggressive and defensive plays with Skyler as it can prove to be quite helpful in the last few circles of the game, where there is extensive use of gloo walls.

As stated above, all character combinations in Free Fire can include only one active ability. Since Skyler already occupies this slot, all the other three abilities in this combination must be passive ones.

Best Character Combinations with Skyler

#1 – Skyler + Jai + Joseph + Shirou

Jai in Free Fire

Jai: Raging Reload

Joseph: Nutty Movement

Shirou: Damage Delivered

This combination can easily be used for rush gameplay by users, Skyler can easily destroy the gloo walls of enemies.

In addition to this, Jai’s Raging Reload automatically gets the gun’s magazine reloaded by 45% of its capacity to eliminate the necessity of reloading or switching guns in a crunch situation.

Joseph in Free Fire

Players often overlook Joseph’s Nutty Movement, but it buffs the movement and sprinting speed by 20% on taking damage, which can quickly help them escape from enemies or outflank them easily.

Shirou in Free Fire

Shirou is the last character in this combination, When users are hit by enemies from within a specific range,

i.e., 80m, they will be marked for six seconds, and the first shot on them will deal 100% additional armor penetration.

This ability has a cooldown of 20 seconds and is immensely fruitful in close-range encounters.

#2 – Skyler + Moco + Kelly + Hayato

Moco in Free Fire

Moco: Hacker’s Eye

Kelly: Dash

Hayato: Bushido

Moco’s ability will tag enemies who are shot for five seconds. This can prove immensely helpful in battles when enemies are hitting behind gloo walls.

Moreover, Hacker’s Eye can be used by players while they are rushing or even when other users are rushing at them.

Kelly in Free Fire

Kelly and Hayato have become even more potent after the recent update if users have their awakened version unlocked.

Dash increases the movement speed by 6%. In the case of availability of Kelly’s awakened version, the first shot after sprinting for four seconds will deal 101% damage to the opponent, making it easier to attack foes.

Hayato in Free Fire

Bushido increases the armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease in the maximum HP. If players have the awakened ability, then the frontal damage is reduced by 1% on the loss of 10% of max HP.

These abilities can easily be used for both offensive and defensive plays.

#3 – Skyler + Jota + Luqueta + Dasha

Jota in Free Fire

Jota: Sustained Raids

Luqueta: Hat Trick

Dasha: Partying On

This combination will provide players with an advantage over competitors in terms of HP. Skyler can also offer healing when users use gloo walls.

Simultaneously, any kill with SMGs or Shotguns will restore 40 HP instantly because of Jota’s Sustained Raids ability.

Luqueta in Free Fire

Luqueta can further enhance the maximum HP by up to 35 points, which provides users with a slight edge.

Dasha’s ability, Partying On, has multiple effects, including reducing fall damage and recovery time and maximum recoil and recoil buildup, enabling players to spray down foes even more efficiently.

Dasha in Free Fire

Top 3 Free Fire Character Combinations For Skyler After OB27 update

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