Sonusood comments on Bollywood tweet war

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Sonusood comments on Bollywood tweet war

Kannada star Sudeep recently spoke about the success of ‘KGF2’ movie.. He said that Hindi is no longer the national language. Ajay Devgan reacted to this on Twitter. When Hindi is not the national language.. Why are your films being dubbed and released in Hindi? Sudeep reacted strongly to this. He said he respects all languages.


Ajay Devgan reacted to this and said that he had misunderstood. Sudeep advised not to speak immediately without knowing the matter. Thus, the Twitter war between the two became a hot topic. Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma also spoke on this subject. He said the North Stars are jealous of watching the South Stars. Recently actor Sonu Sood made interesting comments on this subject.

He said that the whole country has the same language.. the same entertainment. It doesn’t matter what film industry you come from. But if you can give the audience the entertainment they need.. they will respect you. Similarly, the impact of southern films will be on Hindi films in the future. Also.. there has also been some change in the tastes of the audience.. They say that they want content in every movie.

He said that the audience does not want to spend thousands of rupees to watch an average movie. As for Sonu Sood’s films, the producers are ready to make him a hero. Sonu Sood also appeared as a villain in the movie ‘Acharya’ released today.