PUBG Mobile Season 19: Leaked Tier Rewards, M249 skin & More

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PUBG Mobile Season 19: Leaked Tier Rewards, M249 skin & More – The favourite Battle Royale game of every gamer, PUBG Mobile, has really upped its game when it comes to providing exciting in-game items for free. Much like grindable skins from other games, PUBG mobile also offers its players free skins once they progress to higher tiers. While season 19 is still days away, Tier Rewards for the next season has already leaked. According to an article by AmzQuiz.Com, these are the rewards for the next season. Here we will talk about a few of them. Pubg Mobile India

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Tier Rewards

Gold Tier Rewards

Gold is the first tier where players will get a decent reward in the form of an outfit. Players will get this for free upon completing matches in the gold tier or any higher tier. Check out the image shown below.

Gold Tier Outfit (Image Credit: Mad Tamizha YT)

Platinum Tier Rewards

Next up in Platinum Tier, players will be able to grab a mask that matches with the Gold Tier Outfit. Along with the mask comes 800 silver fragments as a tier reward in Platinum.

Platinum Tier Outfit (Image Credit: Mad Tamizha YT)

Diamond Tier Rewards

The most alluring reward of all is available in the Diamond Tier of season 19. Check out the image & decide for yourself if there’s anything better you can ask for free. Play five matches upon reaching the tier & then claim it to style up your weaponry. There are 1,000 silver fragments as secondary rewards as well for this tier.

Diamond Tier Outfit (Image Credit: Mad Tamizha YT)

Crown Tier Rewards

If you’re looking to push your rank & take a spot on top players list of the server then the Crown Tier has just the thing for you. Upon reaching this you will be offered Rating Protection Cards. The cards will save you from any ranking point deduction when it is active & it’s also the best precaution when you decide to hot-drop.

Other than this, the Crown Tier also offers Season 18 Crown name tag, epic team entry effect, and 1,300 silver fragments.

Ace Tier Rewards

As always, the Ace tier comes with another season-themed parachute. There’s nothing new to talk about this tier except the same Ace parachute and 1,600 silver fragments, Season 19 Ace title name tag and legendary team entry effect.

Diamond Tier Outfit (Image Credit: Mad Tamizha YT)

Conqueror Tier Rewards

The toughest tier in the whole game awards a Season Conqueror frame, Season Conqueror name tag, and Season Conqueror title after taking a spot in the top 500 list on a server. Along with the topmost respect that comes with the conqueror frame & tag, there is mythic entry effect as well. Also, don’t forget to claim the 2000 silver fragments which you can spend on buying coupon scraps & outfits.

Conqueror Tier Outfit (Image Credit: Mad Tamizha YT)

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