PUBG Mobile: PEI 2021 day 1 overall standings

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PUBG Mobile: PEI 2021 РThe first day of the prestigious Peace Elite Asia Invitational (PEI) 2021 came to an end today after an enthralling display of skill and game sense. The Chinese Squads dominated, winning all five matches. Team Weibo emerged as the table toppers with 99 points and 45 kills.

Following them in second place was the frag-heavy squad, Team RNG with 71 kills and 38 points. The third place at the end of the day went to Huya FA who secured 60 points and 29 kills.

PEI 2021 day 1 summary

PEI 2021 is a three-day online event featuring 15 invited teams from 8 different regions around Asia. The tournament boasts a massive prize pool of ¥3,000,000 ($ 462,570). The matches are being played in FPP mode on the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile called the Game for Peace.

PEI 2021 day 1 overall standings

PEI 2021 day 1 overall standings

The day started with the first two matches being played on map Miramar. The first match was claimed by Team Webio with 12 frags while the chicken dinner in the second match was taken by Huya FA with 15 kills.

PEI 2021 day 1 overall standings

Team Weibo showed great zone control in both games, holding the center quite well and securing multiple frags in the endgame from prime locations. Zeus Esports also put up a great show securing third place in the overall leaderboards after the first two matches.

The third match of the day was played on Sanhok. The chicken dinner in this match was again secured by Team Weibo with 13 kills. Following them in second place was Team HVNB from Vietnam with eight kills. The third place in this match was claimed by the South Korean squad of Warriors Esports with four kills.

PEI 2021 day 1 overall standings

The fourth match played on Erangel was won by Huya who dominated the lobby, securing their second chicken dinner with nine kills. Team RNG secured a total of 14 kills in this match and claimed fourth spot. Valdus The Murder and Dingoz MPX finished in second and third spot respectively.

The fifth and final match on Erangel saw Team Weibo claim a hat-trick of chicken dinners for the day as they secured a total of 12 kills in the match. Team RNG finished in second spot with 13 kills, followed by Team Secret in third place with four points.

PE1 day 1

With two days and ten matches left in the tournament, the global teams will have to buckle up and rethink their strategies to adjust to the FPP play. It would be interesting to see if the teams at the bottom of the table make a mark in the coming days. PUBG Mobile: PEI 2021

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