Negative talk for ‘Beast’ movie Vijay Fans set fire to the theater..!!

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Negative talk for ‘Beast’ movie Vijay Fans set fire to the theater – The movie ‘Beast‘ starring Kollywood star Vijay and Pooja Hegde has hit the screens today. In the direction of Nelson Dilip Kumar, this film came out amid huge expectations. With the release of the big hero movie it is not uncommon for fans to rush. Huge cutouts are set up in front of the theaters. People queue in front of theaters to see the First Day First Show.

Negative talk for ‘Beast’ movie

When the hit talk comes to the movie.. they pour their love by anointing their favorite hero with milk. If the same negative talk comes, they will suffer by tearing down the posters and criticizing. But here the star hero Vijay fans set the screen on fire. Negative talk started from the first show for the movie ‘Beast’.

Fans are incensed that the movie did not go well, commenting that if they go to the theater with high hopes, they will eventually come back disappointed. In this sequence, some of the fans who were watching the movie in the theaters in Tamil Nadu did not like the movie ‘Beast’ and set the screen on fire. The video went viral on social media. Some netizens are on fire If Didn’t like the movie.. Do they behave so badly like this..?.

Before the release of the movie, Vijay and team released an advertisement for the fans. They said action would be taken against those found guilty of undesirable acts. Vijay warned that legal action would be taken against anyone who violated the rules. And now we have to see how Vijay and Co react to the burning of the theater!

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