Namratha Gowda Love towards Puneeth!! See what she has done !!

Namratha Gowda Love towards Puneeth!! See what she has done !!

Six months have passed since Kannada power star Puneet Rajkumar left us. However, his ideas and aspirations are still among his fans. Not only that but those who admire him continue to show love for him in some way. Recently, Kannada TV actress Namrata Gowda famed ‘Nagini 2’ fell in love with Puneet. Tattoo on hand.


Tattoo photos shared by Namatra Gowda on social media are going viral. Humility bears the name Puneet on her hand. This post, which was being a hot topic on the occasion of his birthday, was recently modestly shared with the caption ‘He will be remembered forever’., On the other hand, Namrata appeared as a Child Artist in the film ‘Milana’.

In the 2007 film, Namrata appeared in a small role as the daughter of popular actor Sihi Kahi Chandra. Namatra Nagini (Kannada) is known for its serials. Since then she has been doing supporting roles in various serials as well as movies. Puneet Rajkumar has built 45 schools, set up 26 orphanages, run 16 old age homes and helped 19 goshas. All this became known only after his death. The ones who donate so much are Puneet.

Puneet Rajkumar died but both eyes were donated. Having done all this, it has never been publicized. Only after his death did the world know what he was doing. With this, his fans and the average movie audience saluted him. With this, it seems that Puneet is a favorite. No matter how great Puneet is. People like Namrata are showing their admiration in this order. Information that there are many more like them.

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