Mahesh’s role in ‘Acharya’.. It is better that Mahesh does not do it

Mahesh’s role in ‘Acharya’.. It is better that Mahesh does not do it

Mahesh Babu also starred in ‘Acharya‘. In this movie, Mahesh introduces ‘Dharmasthali’ to the audience..! Mahesh’s voice will be there for two minutes before the start of the movie. Those who have heard Mahesh’s voice over will have a chance to understand the film. Putting things like this aside Mahesh has been a part of ‘Acharya’ like this but in fact he also has to act.


Koratala Siva first thought of Mahesh for the role of Siddha played by Ramcharan. He thought the character was only about 15 minutes long. But Chiru said that it was not Mahesh.. And he took Charan. Charan also said that the character length should also be increased. It took so long, up to 1 hour. Charan said the role is very crucial in this film. But even his character failed to save the film.

However, Chiru did not want to play the role of Mahesh with any intention but.. it is better that Mahesh did not do it. Or else Mahesh fans would get hurt just like mega fans get hurt. Another thing is that Charan’s role has been increased so much that Chiru has removed the role of Kajal as a couple.

Due to the lack of a heroine, Chiru Mark’s for comedy was missed. It is also reported that Kajal fired at Koratala Shiva in this regard. In other words, Chiru acted as Comfort because of Charan’s character. A different hero but he would get in trouble in two ways.

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