Local people attack on YSRCP MLA Talari Venkat Rao

Local people attack on YSRCP MLA Talari Venkat Rao

According to the latest report, YSRCP MLA Talari Venkat Rao was attacked by the local people. Gopalapuram YSRCP MLA Talari Venkat Rao, had a bitter experience as he was beaten by the local people of G Kothapalli of Dwaraka Tirumala mandal, West Godavari district on Saturday.


Some miscreants stabbed G Kothapalli village president Ganji Prasad to death in the early hours of Saturday and dumped his body in the outskirts. Coming to know about the murder, Talari Venkat Rao visited the village in Dwaraka Tirumala mandal around 9 am  and enquire the death of YSRCP leader Ganji Prasad who was murdered

The YSRCP workers were divided into two groups in the village and one group is loyal to Prasad. According to reports, followers of Ganji Prasad were of the view that the MLA Talari Venkat Rao was extending support to the rival group. As soon as he arrived to console  the family members of the deceased, the villagers  pelted stones towards Talari Venkat Rao . He suffered injuries in the incident but the police saved him.

The Police have police registered a case and started the investigation as to whether the murder took place due to political rivalry or the property dispute.

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