Kgf 2 Theatrical business details

Needless to say, the movie ‘KGF Chapter 1‘ which came out in 2018 was a huge success. The sequel to the movie is ‘KGF Chapter 2’. Directed by Prashant Neil, the movie is set to release on April 14. Rocking star Yash.. entertained in any range in Part 1.. is expected to entertain in the same level in Part 2 as well.

It has to be said that the teaser, trailer and songs have doubled the expectations on this film. With that, the pre-release business of the film took off at an alarming level. The movie has acquired a theatrical business at a record level, especially in the Telugu states.

Once we notice their details:

Nizam                25.00 cr

Seeded              12.00 cr

Uttarandhra     10.00 cr

East                    06.00 cr

West                  05.00 cr

Guntur               07.00 cr

Krishna             06.00 cr

Nellore             03.00 cr

AP + Telangana (Total)  74.00 cr

The theatrical business of ‘KGF2’ was Rs 74 crore. This is the first time such a business has been done for a dubbed film. This film has to garner a share of up to Rs 75 crore if it wants to break even. Bookings for the first day were staggering. Certainly huge openings will be recorded. But the big question is whether ‘KGF2’ will get such a large amount.

If this movie can not collect so much and leave the loss.. Producers have assured buyers that ‘Homebell Films’ will adjust the theatrical rights of their upcoming ‘Salar’ movie with Prabhas. That’s why the buyers bought the rights to the film so confidently for a huge amount.

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