Kajal shared her pregnancy experiences

We all know that Kajal shocked everyone by marrying her childhood friend Gautam Kichlu in October 2020. Despite being married, she did not quit the movies. However, now it is known that she is pregnant. With that, she also gave up her chances in some movies. The movie ‘Ghost’ starring Nagarjuna and Praveen Sattar is one of them.

Fan following of the Kajal is in a range more than other heroines. Kajal is the only star heroine to maintain her image for 15 years. Kajal Agarwal is a star heroine not only in Tollywood but also in Kollywood. Meanwhile, Kajal recently shared her pregnancy experiences. ‘Being lucky to be a mother is very beautiful and happy but.. at the same time our whole mind is confused.

There is also the tension of what is going to happen the moment after we are less than happy that everything is under our control. Time will tell what to do and what to do at any given time. “When we love our children and our spouses, we forget ourselves in this emotional bond,” Kajal said.

Kajal shared her pregnancy experiences

Kajal’s Instagram account has over 21 million followers. She is getting closer to more people because she shares things like this in situations like this. There is talk in the industry that heroines who get married and get pregnant will not get any more movie opportunities. So they will not even have any earnings. But Kajal earns by promoting things like pregnancy products through her insta. She also shares photos of her baby bump more.

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