Ilayaraja escapes Rs 2 crore GST

Ilayaraja escapes Rs 2 crore GST

In the meantime, Ilayaraja has been in the news frequently for some reason. Earlier, the Prime Minister was in the news praising Modi. The Rajya Sabha seat was then offered. He had earlier gone to court over the Copyright Act. This is how Ilayaraja’s name often appears in the news.


Now, once again, his name is in the news. He received notices for evading GST to the tune of nearly Rs 2 crore. To pay up GST immediately.. Otherwise taking appropriate action is the essence of those notices. Ilayaraja has received similar notices in the past as well. However, he did not react to them. With this, the GST department has once again issued notices.

Even now, if there is no response from Ilayaraja.. it seems that legal action is inevitable. GST is a central issue. He said Ilayaraja had made remarks to get the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now the Center is not leaving him alone in the case of GST. So there is no Rajya Sabha seat given to him.

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