How to get 10000 free diamonds in free fire?

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Free Fire MOD APK 1.65.1 Download

1. Auto Aim Fire (Aimbot)Aimbot is a great feature of this mod version of Free Fire mod apk  and with this
feature, your character will target your enemies automatically and shoot down your

2. Unlimited Money and UCIn this mod version of the game, you will get Free fire unlimited diamonds mod apk  and game currency
which will help you to buy anything in the game. This is the great feature of Garena
Free Fire hack

3. free fire Unlimited Health mod apk of your games depend on your health and survival skills. This mod version has agreat feature which is unlimited health. You will get unlimited health and your
character will never die in the match. You can easily win all the matches and push
your rank easily.

4. New Mode/Map New modes and maps are added in this free fire mod game and now the Kalahari map is available in this mod Free Fire version hack . The map is amazing and you will never get
bore while playing this game.

5. Cheat Detection Removed Now this mod version is completely safe from cheat detection system and you will never get spot while playing this game. This is the anti-ban mod of Free Fire and you can play without any problem.

Free Fire MOD APK 1.65.1 Download 2021

6. All Character Unlocked Getting bore with same old character? I know, so that‚Äôs why in this mod version, all the characters are already free fire mod apk  unlocked and you can play the game with any of your favorite character. You can select the character without spending any money.

7. Shooting While SwimmingYou can shoot your enemy while swimming and this feature can save your life. In original version, you cannot shoot your enemy while swimming but in this mod
version, you can shoot your enemy while swimming.

8. Free fire Anti-ban mod apk You can play this game without any problem and you will be safe with this mod
version. This is the anti-ban version of the game and your ID will be safe. Anti-cheat
detection system is installed in this mod version and you can play this game without
any fear free fire mod.

9. No Root RequireYou do not need any rooted device in order to play this game. You can download and
install this game in any device and can play easily.

Free Fire Mod APK
Free Fire Mod APK Download

Steps To install Free Fire New Mod APK

It is very simple and easy to download and install Garena Free Fire MOD APK in
your android device. Just follow the steps below and you will be good to go.

Step 1 : Click on Download Button: In the first, you have to click on download button
to start downloading.

Step 2 :Go to Download Page: After that, you will be directed toward the download page and click on that button to download your game. Now you have to enable Unknown Resources. Go to your device settings and scroll down to get the security settings. There you will see Unknown Resources and enable this option.

Step 3 : Go to File Manager: Now go to the file manager and where you placed your
downloaded game.

Step 4 : Install Free Fire MOD: Now tap on the Free Fire MOD Apk
and install it on your device.

Step 5: Launch Free Fire Mod Game: After the installation, you can launch the game
and can enjoy the mod features to win every match. Also you can get the Free Fire
Download for pc and laptop users.

Free Fire ESP Hack Game play

free fire esp hack Game play

free fire esp hack game play and auto esp line hack mod and auto haidshot aim esp game play The game free fire mod apk  starts with the online match in which 50 players take part and the team who

survives till last, wins the game. Every team has 2 to 4 players and you can play this game in a squad and you can also play this game with your friends. Before starting the game, you have the option to add you friends while in lobby and you can invite your friends to be the part of your squad. You can join other random players as

well. You need to wait for all players to join the match and it takes really just seconds
to gather 50 players in a match. After the joining of 50 players, your match will start. Now you are in the plane fly through the island. You can see the map and mark the location where you want to land on island. You can invite your friends to jump with you or you can follow your squad to land with them on an island. After jumping from
plane, you will start landing on your desired location and your parachute will open when you will about to reach on land. You can also use parachute anytime while landing and this choice depends on you

Graphics Free Fire Mod apk

Graphics free fire mod apk
Graphics free fire mod apk


I have played many games but Garena Free Fire mod apk  is the best action game available on
android devices. You can play multiplayer battles with your friends. You can do voice chat with your friends.

This is the mod version of Free Fire which gives you evenmore great features like Aimbot, free fire unlimited health hack and diamonds. All the characters arealready unlocked and you just need to Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Hack + OBB helps you in improving your in-game skills and ranks.

It also provides you with a chance of showing off or impressing your friends. If you are interested in becoming a pro player, then you can go for the original version of the game. But if you are playing it just for enjoyment, then this mod apk version can enhance your gaming experience. Use Free Fire MOD APK and become invincible in the game.

Download Free Fire 1.65.1 Mod apk Hack

Free Fire Diamonds Mod apk Hack Download Now

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