GDP Full Form, Definition, Meaning, Uses, Calculation

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GDP Full form will be discussed here. In a given period (say, a quarter or a year), the GDP measures the money worth of goods and services produced in the country. It is the result of all the economic activities within the boundaries of the nation. As well as goods and services produced to be sold in the market, the GDP does include some nonmarket activities that governments perform, such as government-provided defensive and educational services. 

GDP Full form

Gross Domestic Product is the complete form of GDP. The gross domestic product (GDP) is the total monetary value of all goods and services produced within the boundaries of a nation over some time. A detailed scorecard of the economic health of a given country is based on it as a specific measure of overall domestic output. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is what economists refer to when they refer to the size of the economy.

An essential indicator of the economic growth of a country is the GDP growth rate. The GDP of a nation increases due to an increase in the living standards of the people in that nation. The ideal country for living in has a high GDP in terms of economic growth. Agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors are the three most important sectors that contribute significantly to the GDP of India.

History of GDP

GDP History – The English and Dutch taxed landlords unfairly between 1652 and 1674, and Petty developed this concept to protect them. Charles Davenant later followed him. Simon Kuznets developed a modern version of this concept in 1934. As a result of the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, it became the primary way to measure its economy.

2.62 lakh crores USD (2020)

Where does GDP data come from?

Among the industries that are included in the calculation of GDP at factor cost are eight: agriculture, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, forestry and fishing, electric and gas supply, construction, trade, hotel, transportation and communication, financial services and insurance, and community, social, and public services. Using expenditures, a GDP calculation relies on all consumer, government, business investment, and net export spending on final goods and services.

Every two months, the government releases GDP numbers, and on May 31, the final numbers for the year are released.

What is the purpose of GDP full form?

By measuring GDP, economists can tell whether an economy is healthy and growing and if inflation or deflation affects it.

  • An expansion of the economy over successive quarters is indicative of a growing economy. As long as economic growth continues, economists may take note of the increasing inflation risk, and policymakers may want to consider raising interest rates to combat inflation.
  • GDP growth is considered a recession if it is harmful for at least two consecutive quarters. It is evident from this that, to maintain economic stability, interest rates need to be lowered or more money pumped into the system.

Data on GDP can also be used to compare countries or economic regions. According to estimates, China will surpass the U.S. by 2020 as the world’s largest economy. It has historically had the highest GDP globally, which has only briefly been interrupted by the British Empire, the United States, and the European Union in the past two centuries.

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In What Ways Is GDP Used in Calculations Drawbacks?

GDP is not without its problems.

  • The GDP as a whole cannot determine the standard of living. The standard of living in China is relatively low, despite its large GDP, and it is classified as a “middle-income” country. While the United States has one of the highest levels of living globally, its consumers spend a great deal. GDP per capita is calculated by dividing the GDP by the overall population of a country.
  • Black market economies are not included in the GDP. Some countries rely on their tax revenues to estimate their budgets, such as the USA. Various illegal goods and services are sold and bought on black markets, but they are not reported. Illicit drugs, prostitution, and labor are some of the illegal goods and services.
  • Moreover, unreported labor does not figure into GDP. For example, unreported labor includes child care and household maintenance. So, for example, men and women who choose to stay home to look after their children while they work full time are excluded from national economic data or labor figures.
  • Ecological costs are not accounted for in GDP. One example would be the single-use plastic cup produced and sold, but its disposal cost and environmental damage are not included in the GDP.

GDP is an essential indicator of an economy’s health. While measuring a country’s economic status, GDP does not consider the well-being of its citizens, their health, or their happiness. In this way, economics is a complex yet essential subject.

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