2 more teams will be unable to compete in Free Fire World Series 2021 due to Singapore travel restrictions

“Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore”

The first global tournament of 2021 Free Fire Esports

The first global tournament of 2021 Free Fire Esports, the Free Fire World Series 2021, is scheduled for May 22nd and 29th. The event is an offline affair and will take place in Singapore.

However, due to the second wave of Covid-19 in the South Asian region, many countries are banning travel in the region to prevent the spread of the virus. Singapore, the host of FFWS 2021, is one such country that has barred visitors from the sub-continent. Travel restrictions will commence on May 2.

In the latest development, Garena has notified interested parties that due to new travel restrictions, teams from Bangladesh and Pakistan won’t be able to travel to Singapore to compete in the FWS 2021.

Team TG from Pakistan and Team Riot from Bangladesh will be excluded from the World Series.

Garena Free Fire – Singapore

Garena Free Fire – Singapore

Last week, due to the same travel restrictions, two qualified Indian teams, i.e. Team Elite and Galaxy Racer, were also excluded from the tournament.

Although these teams won’t be part of the FFWS 2021, Garena will award the excluded teams with a share of the prize pool to acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments in qualifying for the World Series.

Free Fire Esport India

Free Fire esports India

Team TG was the champion of the Free Fire Pakistan League 2021, while Team Riot emerged victorious in the Free Fire Bangladesh championship 2021.

Free Fire World Series 2021 is the biggest global Free Fire Esports tournament ever and boasts a massive prize pool of $2 million.

22 teams from 14 regions would have participated in the event under normal conditions. It is unclear whether these teams will be replaced or if the event will continue with the remaining teams.

Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore

Qualified teams for the Play-ins of the Free Fire World Series 2021


2. LOUD (Brazil)

3. First Raiders Bravo (Indonesia)

4. God’s Plan (Latin America)

6. Attack All around (Thailand)

7. New Gank (Singapore)

8. HQ Esports (Vietnam)

9. Singularity Invincible (CIS)

10. Vaixourar (Europe)

Qualified teams for the Finals of the Free Fire World Series 2021

1. VIP Esports (MENA)

2. FLUXO (Brazil)

3. Geek Fam (Malaysia/ Philippines)

4. Evos Esports ID ( Indonesia)

5. Team Aze (Latin America)

6. Phoenix Force(Thailand)

7. LGDS (Taiwan)

8. Burst the Sky (Vietnam)

9. Silence (CIS

Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore

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