Captaincy task fun – Ashu Reddy is the new captain of house

Ashu Reddy : This week’s captaincy task at Bigg Boss Nonstop House gave a good kick. Ashu and Hamida were both provoked in the captaincy task. In the Robot Task, Hamida supported Ashureddy in terms of toys. This is where the deal is done. Hamida asked if she would support in the captaincy task, Ashureddy promised.

What happened in the actual task.., When the first captaincy task came, As in the last season, the Housemates picked up the captain while the Housemates stabbed with knives. Everyone tried to calculate. Everyone started working out about who stops whom.

Ashureddy has the support of Akhil, Ajay, Sravanti, Mahesh and Nataraj Masters. Moreover, Mumait Khan is also a supporter of Ashu. However, it was here that the little housemates showed their maneuverability. First sravanthi came and stabbed anchor Siva. And said the washroom cleaning was not done properly. Also, Ariana supported shiva and said to take the task seriously.

Ashu Reddy is the new captain of house

Ariana Hamida was shocked to learn that she had not played well in the task. The argument between Mahesh Vita and Mumait Khan was a highlight. After that Mitra Sharma also stabbed Mumait Khan. This is where the argument between the two went to peaks. While Bindu Madhavi was stopping Ashureddy, Hamida came in the middle and argued with Ashu. In fact Ajay had come earlier and stabbed Hamida. This is where Hamida makes sense and predicts Ashu becoming captain.

Moreover, she realizes that the stabbing to Ashu by Ajay – Akhil is not long. Hamida argued with Ajay that he was playing a group game. Then became a heated argument between Ajay and Hamida. Bindu Madhavi then stabbed Ashureddy. Here it is clear that Akhil, Ajay and Anil also supported Ashureddy.

While Anil was stabbed, Mumait. Ajay and Akhil both played separate games. Supported Ashoreddy without anyone suspecting. Ashu became the captain only because of them. Whatever it may be with a single stab, Ashureddy became the captain this week. It remains to see what kind of decisions Ashu makes after she becomes captain.

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