Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz Answers

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Buddha Quiz Amazon Quiz Answers Details

  • Amazon Quiz Today Prize – Exciting Prizes
  • Quiz Date – 24 May 2021
  • Winner Announcement – 24 May 2021

How To Play Buddha Jayanti Amazon Quiz –

  • Download the Amazon app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. 
  • Now, login or sign up into the Amazon app.
  • Search Funzone on the search bar and click on it.
  • Go to Home Page & Scroll Down then you will see “Amazon Quiz” Banner, tap on it.
  • Answer All The Quiz Questions Correctly To Enter The Lucky Draw.

Amazon Buddha Jayanti Quiz Answers Win – Exciting Prizes

Q1: In which country is the birth of Buddha celebrated on April 8 and takes place along with the flower festival Hanamatsuri?

Answer: C) Japan

Q2: By which of these Buddha Jayantis is the Buddha also known as?

Answer: A) Shakyamuni

Q3: Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini is now in which modern day country?

Answer:  D) Nepal

Q4: One Pali text that gives details on the life of the Buddha is the Mahaparinibbana- sutta. What is the meaning of the Buddha Jayanti of the text?

Answer: B) Discourse on the Final Nirvana

Q5: The Temple of the Sacred Tooth, believed to house a tooth of the Buddha is located in which city?

Answer: A) Kandy

Q6: The Buddha founded an order of monks and nuns known as the _______ . Fill in the blanks

Answer: A) Sangha

I hope this Answers will help you to win this quiz. best luck.

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